The American Tobacco Management Office Has Moved…Again!

American Tobacco Management offices

American Tobacco’s new management offices in the Old Bull Building.

From a construction trailer, to the Washington Building, to the Reed Building, then to a larger space in Reed, American Tobacco and the staff that manages the property continues to grow!

With folks scattered in the American Underground, Rail Car and ATC offices, it was time to pull everyone together under one unified space.  With the purchase of the Old Bull and Noell buildings in 2013 the decision was made to make the move.

According to the National Park Service – National Register of Historic Places, “The Old Bull Building (Circa 1870) is located at the northeast corner of the complex and exhibits distinctive Italianate architecture.  In 1874, the Bull Durham Factory was begun by W.T. Blackwell & Company, which originated the first successful tobacco manufacturing company in North Carolina.”

It seems fitting on our 10 year anniversary that the American Tobacco Executive Offices have re-located back to where it all began 120 years ago.

Working with Alliance Architecture and BridgePoint Construction Services, the offices kept the charm of the historic building while utilizing vintage looking furniture, clean lines and distinctive pops of color.

American Tobacco Management offices

American Tobacco’s new management offices in the Old Bull Building.

With 7500+ square feet of office space, each division can be identified by their own color.  Accounting is green and is supported by a copier room and filing space.  Development is blue and has a large idea board, vintage Lucky Strike dart board and coming soon, a shuffle board.  Property Management is orange and has a security and HVAC system monitoring wall, a touch-down space for quick meetings and a new mascot pig named Pettigrew.  The Rocky Mount Brew Mill project also has their own space until construction begins on that property.

The kitchen boasts bar seating, a large counter, ice maker, refrigerator, drink locker, idea board,  kegerator and a wine cooler.  The large farm table is made of wood from the property and is host to the “healthy snack” bowl.

Conference rooms were increased from one to three.  The leasing area has a seating area and a table for 4.  The room is host to a running slide show of the active lifestyle at ATC.  The orange conference room seats 11 and the green conference room seats 13.  Both are equipped with smart monitors.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by for a tour!  Our new address is: 300 Blackwell Street, Suite 104, Durham, NC  27701

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.

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