Bringing the Governors’ Cup to the Triangle

WRAL satellite truck

The WRAL satellite truck uplinks the Governors’ Cup Championship in Pawtucket to the Triangle.

For the second year running the Durham Bulls advanced to the Governors’ Cup Championships and thanks to some quick work by WRAL-TV, viewers in the Triangle got to watch the first two games in Pawtucket on television.

“Here’s yet another reason to love working at Capitol Broadcasting Company,” writes Capitol Sports Vice President George Habel in his blog, Note to Self.  “I assumed that we could grab a satellite feed of tonight’s Bulls-PawSox game from Pawtucket for MeTV, but it proved difficult. So, with a modicum of internal debate, we dispatched a TV5 satellite truck and intrepid engineer Tony Gupton to RI. 700 miles on I-95 and 11 hours later…problem solved!”

The first two games in the best-of-five series between the Bulls and the Pawtucket Red Sox took place at the PawSox home field.


WRAL’s Tony Gupton captures the baseball action in Pawtucket.

So how did Gupton find himself in Rhode Island?

“Pretty easy to answer;” said Gupton.  “Our Durham Bulls are in the playoffs up in New England and Mr. Goodmon wanted the games broadcasted so Bulls fans could see it. Solution – get it done.”

And Gupton did just that.  He travelled solo up to Pawtucket and used a combination of satellite, fiber optics and Internet bandwidth to send back two paths, a primary and a backup.”


WRAL’s Tony Gupton captures the baseball action in Pawtucket.

The first and second games of the 2014 Governors’ Cup Championship were broadcast from Pawtucket on MEtv, 50.2 and TWC 1250, thanks to Gupton’s hard work.

The Bulls now return to Durham for the remainder of the Governors’ Cup Championship series games, aiming to take the title for a second year in a row.

And we’ll end by joining Habel in posting two tweets he included in his “Inside the Governors’ Cup” blog entry.

Durham Bulls tweets

Let’s Go Bulls!

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Tony Gupton for these capcom photos.

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