MIX 101.5 Listeners Give Right Arm For WICKED Tickets!

I'd Give My Right Arm for Wicked Tickets

MIX listeners (with WRAL-FM’s Vanna Fox and Gene & Julie Banks) get green casts for the weekend to try to win front row tickets to ‘Wicked’ at the DPAC.

You know the old saying “I’d give my right arm”?  Gene and Julie Gates, co-hosts of The Gene & Julie Show, on MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM took that saying to heart and wanted to see just how far listeners would go to win four FRONT ROW seats to WICKED, one of the hottest events of the year!

The challenge was issued and listeners were asked to call Gene and Julie and tell them why they wanted to win tickets to the show.  Five contestants were chosen from those callers and invited to the studio on Thursday, October 9, where they were asked to give their right arm for the chance to win the front row seats.

That morning, live on air and in studio, all of the contestants were fitted with bright green casts by Wake Orthopaedics!  The contestants were then asked to go around the community collecting the signatures of well-known or famous individuals on their casts.  The contestant with the best list of signatures and the most WICKED spirit would win the tickets.

Over the course of four days, contestants had their casts signed by local television personalities, city / state officials, well-known business owners, North Carolina Hurricanes players and even a few celebrities including Clay Aiken!

On Monday, October 13, the contestants returned to the studio to find out who won and have their casts removed.  After congratulating the winner, Eric, Gene and Julie had a little surprise for the other contestants.  Listen to the audio for details!

See all the photos here: http://on.fb.me/1z4TAUi

Listen to the audio: https://soundcloud.com/mix1015wralfm/id-give-my-right-arm-for-wicked-tickets-monday

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Jenny Clements for this capcom story and to Clements & WRAL-FM’s Brittany Goodman for these capcom photos.

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