Suiter Inducted into George Whitfield Hall of Fame

George Whitfield & Tom Suiter

WRAL-TV’s Tom Suiter (right) is inducted into the George Whitfield Baseball Clinic Hall of Fame by the man himself.

Former Sports Anchor, Tom Suiter is having a difficult time clearing enough space for all his awards, but he needs to find room for yet another one. He was recently inducted into The George Whitfield Baseball Clinic Hall of Fame. The ceremony was held at Goldsboro High School, which is only fitting because Suiter was known for devoting lots of time to High School sports. That’s not easy when you are in the premier ACC sports broadcast market, but somehow he managed to give every level their due.

He was presented this award for his legendary career covering and anchoring sports for more than 43-years. When told about Tom’s award, long-time WRAL anchor Debra Morgan joked that the “semi-retired Suiter” was still here almost every day!

Tom continues to honor his devotion to high school sports by still hosting the “WRAL-TV Extra Effort Award” and the seasonal “Football Friday”.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story.  Thanks to Jay Hardy for this capcom photo.

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