Lip Dub 2015: The Year of the Swag

Behind the Scenes with FOX 50 Creative Services Producer Phillipe Charles:

FOX 50 Lip Dub 2015

The 2015 FOX 50 Lip Dub Promo gang.

It’s the 5th year of the FOX 50 Lip Dub Project, and we really wanted to make some NOISE (which isn’t easy to do when you’re lip syncing.) Every year we turn our promo itself into a lip dub video and recruit CBC employees to get their dance on and bust some sweet lip syncing that would make Milli Vanilli jealous. But this year we wanted to make an even bigger bang…or as the kids say…we wanted to TURN UP!

The cool thing about a lip dub is that, even though participants lip sync to someone else’s song, they can make the performance COMPLETELY their own. That’s what we wanted to show in this year’s Lip Dub promo.  So, the concept of the video was a group of eager Lip Dubbers literally taking over an unsuspecting rapper’s performance. Hip Hop was the perfect theme because, not only is it a very popular genre amongst high school kids, it is also the subject of Empire, the biggest show on FOX right now.

FOX 50 Lip Dub 2015

The making of the FOX 50 Lip Dub Promo 2015.

Personally, as the music producer, I was very excited because Hip Hop is my musical home base and I’m pretty familiar with it. But I was super impressed by how well everyone else completely embodied the hip hop swag! They quickly learned the choreography, embraced their rapper names, got the wardrobe just right, and brought the kind of attitude that would send Kanye West scrambling on stage to declare a Grammy was deserved!

The FOX 50 Lip Dub Project is one the most fulfilling things that we do at FOX 50 because we get to give back to our local community by rewarding creativity and school unity! But it’s also a blast to work with talented coworkers who know how to BRING IT!

  • Directors: Phillipe Charles, Marc Derro
  • Camera/Lights/Set Design: Scott Reid, Glenn Dion
  • Main Lip Dubbers: Phillipe Charles, Jason Matthews, Melissa Carney, Lynda Loveland
  • Extras/Dancers: Sierra Clark, Keyetta Mangum, Karin Fullington, Terri Overby, Doug Dickman, Brad Schaible, Debbie Bare, LaTonya Jones
  • Music Producer: Phillipe Charles
  • Graphic Designer/Sign Maker: Gayle Hardy

Find out more about the FOX 50 Lip Dub Project, watch the promo and find out how to enter HERE

Thanks to FOX 50’s Phillipe Charles for this capcom story & to FOX 50’s Karin Fullington for these capcom photos.


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