Record Ratings, Full-Court Press on NCAA Coverage at CBC

hoops-headquartersAll three Triangle ACC men’s basketball teams are on their way to the Sweet 16 for the first time in a decade, and CBC stations are bringing home their action to our viewers.  The NCAA Tournament continues to rake in record-breaking ratings this season, and WRAL-TV is no exception.

“The 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship continues to generate record-setting consumption across all media platforms,” according to CBS Affiliate Relations.  The ratings are the highest-ever for the event through the first Sunday since the tournament expanded to its current television format in 1991.

At WRAL-TV, the 2015 round 2-3 coverage (March 19 – 22) is averaging an 8.3/17 (House Hold rating/House Hold share).

“This is the highest HH rating WRAL has achieved in the last three years for the same rounds 2-3,” said WRAL-TV Research Director/Media Buyer Jeff Suss.

2015’s HH rating is +12% higher than 2014’s round 2-3 average HH rating and +5% higher than 2013’s round 2-3 average HH rating.

“WRAL’s 2015 round 2-3 average of an 8.3/17 is also far above what the Turner Cable Networks are averaging,” explained Suss.  “Specifically, WRAL’s HH rating average is +80% higher than TNT (4.6/8), +113% higher than TBS (3.9/7) and +538% higher than TRU (1.3/3).”

WRAL crews will soon be on their way to cover the action in Syracuse (NC State), Los Angeles (UNC) and Houston (Duke) to bring local coverage of our three Triangle teams still in the big dance.

CBC Radio Talk Stations Also Bring Games and Coverage
In addition to providing on-air television coverage, CBC is also keeping the latest scores, brackets, press conferences and more online on  And Triangle listeners can tune in to both 99.9 The Fan & 620 The Buzz Sports Radio for more in-depth analysis and the games. Sports Radio’s #NCAAtournament Coverage:

99.9 The Fan & Buzz Sports Radio will have exclusive Play by play of all games, including the Triangle teams this week/weekend for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8.  We’ll also have all the play by play of every game through the Final Four.

All week long 99.9 The Fan’s Adam and Joe – and Buzz Sports Radio’s Mark and Mike will also have extensive content, guests and conversation about NC State, UNC and Duke – who are all in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2005.

Then Adam & Joe from 99.9 The Fan will be in Indianapolis for this year’s Final Four.  They’ll be broadcasting live from radio row on Friday, April 3rd from 3-7p, Saturday, April 4th from 10a-12p – and Monday, April 5th from 3-6:30p.  They’ll also be providing exclusive content throughout their trip for

Links for more:

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Steve Hammel, Leesa Moore & Jeff Suss and CBC Sports Radio’s Dennis Glasgow for contributions to this capcom story.

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