Columbia Journalism Review Features New WRAL Political Tool

Columbia Journalism ReviewThe Columbia Journalism Review featured WRAL-TV’s approach to political coverage, including its new Donor Reveal tool, in an article entitled, “How one locally owned TV station does statehouse coverage right.”  Penned by Corey Hutchins, the article was published on May 8, 2015.

“Late last month, a North Carolina news outlet unveiled a new feature on its website: Hover over the name of a sitting state lawmaker mentioned in any story, and you’ll see the top five donors to the legislator’s most recent campaign,” writes Hutchins.  “… But here’s what’s most interesting: Donor Reveal was developed not by some online startup or good-government nonprofit, but by WRAL, the CBS station in Raleigh.”

Hutchins outlines the political coverage provided by WRAL and Capitol Broadcasting, including profiles of key players like Political Reporters Mark Binker and Laura Leslie and Researcher/Reporter Tyler Dukes.  Hutchins delves into CBC’s unique approach, dedication to the community, and why it’s working.

“In a sense, WRAL’s statehouse project is about stretching expectations for the sort of coverage a local TV station should produce,” writes Hutchins.

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