Microspace Supports New Campaign Promoting Satellite

Microspace recently announced its endorsement of the “Better Satellite World” campaign of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI). The campaign catalogues the enormous contributions of satellite technology to human welfare, the economy, peace and security, and is part of a long-term effort to raise awareness of satellite as one of the world’s essential technologies.

The modern world literally runs on satellite, from TV and computer networks to weather forecasting, public safety, transportation, global security, retail payments and the world’s financial markets. But few people know this, and that lack of awareness creates headwinds for the industry while limiting the value that satellite can deliver to governments, business and society as a whole.

According to Greg Hurt, VP of Sales and Marketing at Microspace, ‘We all take for granted the impact that satellite technology has on our day to day lives. Microspace’s satellite delivery network reaches well over 100 million individuals each and every day. Whether you are watching a TV program, listening to background music at your favorite shopping spot or receiving a weather alert on your smartphone, satellite technology was likely involved in making the content available to you”.

SSPI is leading a consortium of organizations and associations, including ESOA, GVF, SIA, CASBAA and WTA, in an effort to bring the industry’s role in the global economy to light. A new website (www.bettersatelliteworld.com) promotes the industry and has begun to publish a wide range of stories from around the world that highlight satellite’s role in the work to end polio, enable disaster recovery, promote environmental education, and carry sports and entertainment to billions, as well as its essential roles in the financial industry, economic development in remote areas and the flourishing of democracy.

Among the stories is global distribution of the Live Earth benefit concert, which raised awareness of the need for urgent action on climate change. The story, “Rallying the World to Climate Change,” explains how, through a C-band and Ku-band satellite network, Live Earth 2007 reached a global audience of 2 billion people with a message of hope, education and action on climate change. A story titled “What is a Game Worth?” details the essential role of satellite in helping more than 3 billion people see the 2014 World Cup and allowing FIFA and broadcasters to generate over US$4 billion in revenue. Another story, “Bringing Hope to Enslaved Children,” details how the donation of Internet connectivity via satellite has allowed a pioneering educator in Ghana to give free slaves a path to self-sufficiency.

About SSPI
The Society of Satellite Professionals International (www.sspi.org) promotes the growth of the satellite industry by educating current and potential end-users and the general public about the indispensable contributions of satellites to business, government and human welfare, and by connecting satellite professionals worldwide through education, knowledge-sharing and fostering professional relationships. SSPI is leading a consortium of industry associations and organizations to promote the ways satellites make a better world. For more information or to learn how you can contribute to the new campaign, go to www.bettersatelliteworld.com.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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