CBC’ers Help Plant Pinwheel Garden to Prevent Child Abuse

Pinwheel Garden

CBC staffers work alongside PCANC staff and volunteers to plant a Pinwheel Garden at CBC’s Western Blvd headquarters to honor Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina on May 29, 2015.

On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of CBC’ers got together to help plant a Pinwheel Garden at our Western Blvd headquarters with Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina.  April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, but due to shipping complications, the pinwheels did not arrive until May.  However, CBC didn’t want to miss the opportunity to raise awareness and give our support to this important issue.

American Tobacco Director of Community Partnerships Jesica Averhart drove over from Durham to help her CBC colleagues with the planting.  PCANC has a special place in her heart because she is currently serving on the non-profit’s board.

“I’m a parent and had the good fortune of being raised by a wonderful family,” said Averhart.  “I serve on the board of Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina because I’m passionate that every child deserves a safe, nurturing, healthy home environment.  Like most, I’m not a fan that some children are ‘lucky’ to have strong families and other children suffer abuse and neglect. PCANC provides measurable programs to support effective parenting skills and resources to create strong families and healthy, HAPPY children.  Personally, it’s important to me to invest in my son, but I think it’s my responsibility to support and invest in our community’s children and PCANC gives me an opportunity to do that.”

Prevent Child Abuse NCAverhart and a handful of Raleigh CBC’ers worked alongside PCANC staffers and volunteers to plant 2,000 pinwheels along the Western Blvd side of the CBC campus.  The silver and blue pinwheels glisten and spin in the sun, helping draw attention to supporting families, providing education and helping prevent child abuse.

“These pinwheels symbolize the joys of childhood,” said Averhart.  “When I see those pinwheels spinning in the wind, it reminds how carefree and delightful being a kid should be.  Children should feel safe, secure, and the wonderment of being young.  Each pinwheel represents another child, who through PCANC, will experience those early years that way!”

Averhart is helping coordinate a similiar planting at American Tobacco that will take place in the fall to coincide with  PCANC’s annual fundraiser the Pinwheel Prom.

Thanks to all CBC’ers who came out and helped us beautify our lawn in honor of the children and families struggling with child abuse.

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