Microspace’s Tilly Shares Perspective at InfoComm 2015

Curtis Tilly, Director of Enterprise Media at Microspace, recently spoke at the InfoComm 2015 Conference in Orlando FL.  InfoComm is the world’s largest conference and exhibition that focuses exclusively on the commercial AV marketplace.

Tilly talked about the various content delivery solutions and managed services that Microspace currently offers the marketplace. His comments were specifically directed to domestic digital signage networks.

Microspace’s technology solutions include satellite, internet and wireless.  Tilly shared how Microspace works with each customer to determine the very best choice based on their specific network needs.

Tilly and other members of the Microspace team will be attending the CorpComm Expo in Atlanta on Sept. 30 – October 1.  The CorpComm event will focus on effective employee communications, another market that the company is very proficient in serving.  See: http://www.corpcommexpo.com/

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story & video.

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