CBC Distributes Azaleas to Non-Profit in 30th Annual WRAL Celebration


2015 WRAL Azalea Celebration

Selected non-profits pick up their azaleas for the 2015 WRAL Azalea Celebration on Saturday, October 17.

Next spring a brand new crop of CBC azaleas will be brightening North Carolina. Through the 30th Annual WRAL Azalea Celebration, Capitol Broadcasting distributed over 5,000 azaleas to 140 different groups from the mountains to the coast.  The non-profits came to collect their plants from WRAL’s Tower site in Garner, NC, on Saturday, October 17th.

“It’s hard to believe that this is the 30th year of the program,” said Corporate Property Management Manager Tim Grissom.  “I remember the first year and how much we have refined the whole process in 30 years.  It’s always great to see the different groups and listen to the stories of how they will be using the plants to beautify their sites.”

During the 30 years CBC and WRAL have distributed over 250,000 azaleas to 4,000 different groups across the state.

The WRAL Azalea Celebration promotes environmental education, beautification and stewardship, providing the opportunity for North Carolinians to work together to achieve enhanced community appearance. Non-profits can apply for up to 50 azaleas through the annual program.  WRAL-TV, WRAL-FM and NC Beautiful are all sponsors of the Celebration.

Two groups won special recognition when they came to pick up their azaleas.  Each year CBC awards up to three A.J. Fletcher Awards among the non-profits who received azaleas three years ago.  The winners are selected who have shown the most innovation and care of the plants they received.  And the 2015 winners are:

  • 1st Place A.J. Fletcher Award

    The 2015 A.J. Fletcher Award Winner – First Place – Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House Museum

    1st Place – Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House Museum – received $500 and 100 azaleas

  • 2nd Place – Beaufort County Community College – received $250 and 50 azaleas

Corp Assistant Property Manager Amy Trudo and Corp Estate Gardener helped Grissom with the distribution day.

“This was Amy’s first one but she was a tremendous help with all of the organization it takes to make this project successful,” said Grissom.  “Also thanks to Amy and Jack for their help loading plants on Saturday October 17th and helping this to be another great and successful year.”

Thanks to Corp’s Tim Grissom for this capcom scoop & for these capcom photos.

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