It Happened in December Trivia Quiz

Throwback Thursday: CBC History

  1. The first FIVE STAR Award was presented in 1983. Who was the recipient?

a) P. B.Jernigan
b) Bob Sadler
c) Clifford Kurtz
d) Charlie Gaddy

2. WRAL-TV signed on the air December 15, 1956. Name the first program to air?

a) Teenage Frolics
b) Miracle on 34th Street
c) NC State basketball game
d) Romper Room

3. On December 20, 2002 WRAL-FM became the 1st commercial station on the east coast to do what?

a) Give away 1 million dollars to a listener
b) Broadcast its signal in HD
c) Broadcast the entire morning show from a helicopter (SKY 5)
d) Broadcast from the tallest point on the east coast

4. The WRAL-TV tower collapsed to the ground in 1989 as a result of _________.

a) Lightning strike
b) Ice Storm
c) Vandalism
d) Tornado

5. Bette Elliott, long time host of a popular program during the 60’s and 70s died on December 27, 2004 at the age of 83. What was the name of her program?

a) Femme Fare
b) Cooking with Bette
c) Home with Bette
d) Bette and Friends



  1. c) Clifford Kurtz
    2. b) Miracle on 34th Street
    3. b) Broadcast its signal in HD
    4. b) Ice Storm
    5. a) Femme Fare


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