CBC Sponsors Golden Holiday Celebration for Raleigh Seniors for 58th Year

58th Annual Golden Years Holiday Celebration

Raleigh seniors take to the dance floor at the 58th Annual Golden Years Celebration, presented by Capitol Broadcasting and the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.

Capitol Broadcasting proudly sponsors a morning filled with a warm breakfast and holiday entertainment for Raleigh seniors each year, and on Thursday, December 17, 2015, CBC carried on the tradition for the 58th time.  Alongside the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, CBC welcomed members of the Raleigh Golden Years Clubs to the 58th Annual Golden Years Celebration at the Raleigh Convention Center.

“This is truly a Raleigh tradition,” said Raleigh Parks, Rec & Cultural Resources Director Diane Sauer.

Seniors arrived at 9am to a warm breakfast served by the convention center staff, from whom we learned a bit of Golden Years Celebration trivia.  Did you know that each year the convention center serves about 5,000 cups of coffee to the 1,000+ attendees at the Golden Years event?  That’s three times the normal amount they serve at other events.  Raleigh seniors like their java!

58th Annual Golden Years Holiday Celebration

WRAL-TV Anchors Debra Morgan & Gerald Owens wish Happy Holidays to the Raleigh seniors at the 58th Annual Golden Years Celebration.

WRAL-TV Anchors Debra Morgan, Gerald Owens and Brian Shrader emceed the musical program that followed breakfast.  The performances included an invocation of “The Lord’s Prayer” by Rozlyn Sorrell and Christmas carols by The Capital Ambassadors and the Oakwood Waits.  Back by popular demand Gospel Sensations, dressed in snappy red suits, sang holiday tunes as well.  Dancers from Carolina Ballroom of Cary dazzled with a few routines and then invited seniors to the dance floor to twinkle their toes to the tunes of the Casablanca Orchestra.

The morning included a few presentations as well.  The Golden Years Clubs have been stuffing stockings for the Salvation Army.  Raleigh Parks Adult Program Recreation Manager Carmen Rayfield presented over 500 stockings and over $400 in donations to Salvation Army Major Pete Costas on behalf of the seniors.

“Over 8,000 children are being blessed because of you and people like you,” said Costas.

Raleigh Mayor Pro-Tem Kay Crowder brought greetings from the City of Raleigh at the opening of the program.

“I would like to acknowledge collaboration: the City of Raleigh and WRAL-TV/Capitol Broadcasting,” said Crowder.  “Without them, the city wouldn’t be what it is.”

The City of Raleigh has over 40 senior clubs with 2,000 members.

“You’ve worked hard to make Raleigh the place to work, live and play,” said Crowder to the attendees.

WRAL staffers worked to capture the action at the 58th Annual Celebration for a broadcast on Christmas Day.  Tune in to WRAL-TV on December25th at 7pm for “A Golden Years Holiday Special.”



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