WRAL-TV and CBC Host Leadership Triangle Regional Class in April

Leadership Triangle at CBC

Corp’s Jim Goodmon leads a tour through the WRAL Azalea Gardens for the Leadership Triangle Regional Class. CBC hosted the class on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

Capitol Broadcasting and WRAL-TV hosted the 2016 Leadership Triangle Regional Class on Tuesday, April 16, 2016, talking to the group about broadcasting, the workings of the television station, as well as the history and mission of CBC.

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Debra Morgan coordinated the day-long event, pulling in WRAL-TV, WRAL.com and FOX 50 staffers to talk to the group.  Morgan also led a tour of the station.

The day started with a tour of the WRAL Azalea Gardens led by CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon.  Goodmon then spent some time talking with the group about his own leadership and how he carries on his family legacy at the helm of CBC.

Goodmon spoke of his mission to strive to be first in the market.  He’s not afraid to be the first to try something new, to lead, despite obstacles.

Leadership Triangle at CBC

WRAL-TV’s Debra Morgan explains the working of Master Control as she leads the Leadership Triangle Regional Class on a tour of the station on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

“Let’s get in there and try it,” said Goodmon of his philosophy.  “I’m a big ‘you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt’.”

He also spoke of the company’s contributions in Durham, including spearheading the building of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and the renovations at American Tobacco.

“American Tobacco took ten years, a lot of work and a long time,” he said.  “We were able to remind Durham how good they are.”

Goodmon said it’s all about attitude.

The WRAL contributors to the day shared fun facts about the strength of the station.

“Google, Facebook and YouTube are the only sites that get more traffic in the Triangle than WRAL.com,” shared WRAL.com Director of Content Jodi Glusco.

And they also talked about the mission and community commitment that makes those stellar statistics possible.

WRAL-TV Creative Director Shelly Leslie talked about how she grew up with WRAL-TV, the WRAL brand, and also saw the station helping the community.  She began working at WRAL as an intern over 28 years ago, and now is in charge of promoting that WRAL brand she knew from a young age.

“My job became to shepherd the WRAL brand and grow it,” said Leslie.

Leslie says she puts everything through the WRAL filter, highlighting what makes the company unique.

“You have to be very clear about who you are,” she said.  “And then put everything through that filter.”

Leadership Triangle at CBC

ATC’s Michael Goodmon (center) talks to participants in the Leadership Triangle Regional class as CBC hosts the group on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

ATC Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon also contributed to the Leadership Triangle day at WRAL.  He listened to presentations from the participants about projects they are creating to make an impact on the Triangle.  Goodmon offered advice and guidance as he talked with the presenters.

Several other CBC entities have contributed to the 2016 Leadership Triangle Leadership Class.  American Tobacco hosted the group earlier in April, with ATC Real Estate Financial Analyst Matt Honeycutt as a co-coordinator.  The group took a tour of the campus and heard from several entrepreneurs with businesses in the American Underground.  The final class and graduation will be hosted at the Durham Bulls next Tuesday, May 3.  Stay tuned to capcom for photos and the story from the finale event.


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