Not Quite Casey at the Bat, But Tate Revels in MIX 101.5 Night at the Bulls

Casey Tate and Chip Allen

WRAL-FM’s Casey Tate (left) receives the game ball from DBBC’s Chip Allen at MIX 101.5 Night at the Bulls on Monday, June 20, 2016.

Two CBC divisions joined forces for fun on Monday, June 22, 2016, as the Durham Bulls hosted MIX 101.5 Night.  WRAL-FM Morning Show Producer Casey Tate got to take part in the fun, representing the CBC radio station at the annual event.

“It was such a fun night!” said Tate.  “Every year the Durham Bulls have MIX 101.5 Night and someone from the station gets to receive the game ball.  This is the second year that I received the game ball on behalf of MIX.”

If you listen to The Gene and Julie Show, the morning show, on WRAL-FM, you know that Tate is always up to something.  The Bulls game proved no different.

“Whenever Gene and Julie let me out in public I tend to get myself into trouble,” he explained.  “This time I would randomly go up to strangers and play a game, ‘Can I have a bite of your hotdog or a sip of your beer?’  You would be surprised at how many people let me take a bite!”

The audio of Tate’s antics aired the next morning on The Gene and Julie Show on MIX.  Have a listen:

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Casey Tate for this capcom photos and for this capcom audio.

SLIDESHOW:  MIX 101.5 Night at the Bulls


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