While the Bulls are Away, Pokémon Will Play

Pokemon Go at DBAP

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park opened for fans to play Pokémon Go on Tuesday, July 12 from 11am to 1pm. Gamers paid $5 for admission, with the Bulls donating all proceeds to Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

The Durham Bulls are not afraid of the latest in technology.  Wool E. Bull embraced Pokémon, as the DBAP opened to fans to play the hot new app Pokémon Go on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.  And to sweeten the fun, gamers made a $5 donation to gain entry the ballpark, which the Bulls in turn donated to the non-profit Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

DBBC Director of Communications Matt Sutor was on hand for the fun.

“Today was fantastic,” said Sutor.  “Not only did over 600 fans arrive at the ballpark to play Pokemon Go, we raised $3,000 for Second Chance Pet Adoptions, which is a great number. It was a lot of fun to see fans walk around the outfield and the ballpark looking for characters, and to hear fans talk about how much fun they were having. We really didn’t know what to expect before the event, but we were extremely happy to see the turnout and see how much everyone enjoyed themselves.”

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt Sutor for contributions to this capcom story and to DBBC’s Walmer Medina for these capcom photos.

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