‘HighSchoolOT Live’ to Launch in August With Multiple Live Football Games

HighSchoolOT Live

The way high school football fans in the HighSchoolOT.com coverage area follow the sport is about to change. HighSchoolOT.com and its parent company, Capitol Broadcasting Company, announced Friday the launch of a new “HighSchoolOT Live” feature – a live, weekly show that will provide live in-game updates at a handful of games across the region. […]

Making Honey While the Sun Shines: Bee Downtown & the CBC Hives

CBC bee hives

As of our latest report, the honeybees in the CBC Hives have been busy.  In keeping with their counterparts, the people of CBC, the bees have been overachievers.  Bee Downtown Founder & CEO Leigh-Kathryn Bonner had told us that our bees likely would not be able to become established enough to make honey during their […]