Making Honey While the Sun Shines: Bee Downtown & the CBC Hives

CBC bee hives

Bee Downtown manages four hives installed on the roof at CBC’s headquarters on Western Blvd in Raleigh.

As of our latest report, the honeybees in the CBC Hives have been busy.  In keeping with their counterparts, the people of CBC, the bees have been overachievers.  Bee Downtown Founder & CEO Leigh-Kathryn Bonner had told us that our bees likely would not be able to become established enough to make honey during their first year, since the hives were installed during the fall.  However, the bees have surprised us and made a little honey in their first year on the job!

The CBC bees are smart, too.

“This spring was quite the rainy one, so it left beekeepers across North Carolina with less honey than usual because the bees were unable to leave the hive and the rain washed much of the nectar away (oh the joys of agriculture and mother nature!),” Bonner told CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon.  “Your bees though, were fighters are were still able to produce enough honey for us to leave a healthy amount on the hive for their food for winter while also taking some off the hive for you to have!”

More Buzz
American Tobacco has added a few more bees to the campus.  Not the flying kind, but the artistic kind.  Artist Matthew Willey, founder of The Good of the Hive Initiative, recently completed a mural of bees at the Burts Bees headquarters in American Tobacco.  The painted bees are part of the 50,000 Willey has pledged to paint in murals around the world, the number of bees required for a healthy, thriving hive.  His endeavor serves to help raise awareness about the need for bees and their current endangered status.

And There’s More
Innovate Raleigh recently featured Bee Downtown in in their Triangle Makers + Doers film series.  Check out the film as well as an interview with Bonner: The film as well as an interview with Bonner are available here:

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