Poolside in Rio: More from DBBC’s Patrick Kinas

As week one of the 2016 Summer Olympics draws to a close, DBBC’s Radio Announcer/Account Executive Patrick Kinas continues working hard in the radio booth, calling the swimming races for Westwood One.  Kinas is kindly allowing us to share his pix and comments from social media on Capcom.  See the slideshow below.

We’re sort of wishing Wool E. Bull were there to help Kinas celebrate the many U.S. swimming medals so far in the Rio games.  Hey, NBC called up Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones, so anything is possible?

Thanks to DBBC’s Patrick Kinas for these capcom photos.



Patrick Kinas & Debra Morgan

WRAL anchor Debra Morgan catches up with DBBC’s Patrick Kinas in Rio for a story on his Olympic adventure for WRAL.

WRAL-TV featured Kinas and his Olympic journey in a piece for the news on Thursday, August 12.  Check out the story:

The swimming competitions continue through the end of this week.  Listen for Kinas locally on 99.9 The Fan and follow him on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PatrickKinas

And stay tuned to Capcom for more from Kinas and the six WRAL-TV staffers who are in Rio for the 2016 Summer Games.

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