Bulls’ Kinas Shares Final Thoughts After Return from Olympics

Patrick Kinas

From DBBC’s Patrick Kinas: Can’t take enough pics between the rings.

Durham Bulls Radio Announcer/Account Executive Patrick Kinas landed in Raleigh on Tuesday, August 23, after almost a month in Rio, he didn’t have long to reflect on his amazing adventure.  Kinas drove straight to Charlotte to meet the Bulls’ team and resume his baseball radio announcing duties for the game that night.  Although he’s back in the swing of things for the final few games of the 2016 Bulls season, Kinas kindly took a moment to share a few final thoughts on his Olympic adventure with Capcom:

As a kid – heck, even as an adult – what I thought the experience of broadcasting the Olympics would be like compared to the actual reality – was trumpeted up at least 10-fold.  The days were long, the crew was small, the challenges were real, but it was the job of the 17 of us to tell the story of the Olympic Games as thoroughly as possible for our nationwide audience.  Fortunately – and certainly not to my surprise – all of my colleagues were pro’s pros.  The pride and elite skill with which they worked was evident from the first moment I walked in the studio.  The bar for all of us was at Gold-medal high jump level – and expectations could not have been higher of all of us.  After watching all of them absolutely kill it over our 24 days in Rio, I couldn’t be prouder of my colleagues and the work that they did, and welcoming me into this special group as easily and quickly as they did – I truly felt like I was their family. 

The stories I covered, the races I called, the experiences I had – are memories I hope I can maintain forever – as vividly as they are in my head and heart right now. 

My wish is that everyone who has a dream still unfulfilled – get an opportunity to fulfill it – whatever “it” is.  I can’t begin to explain what experiencing that moment feels like, but I’m forever grateful for those who gave me this chance.  No matter what my life or career has in store, Rio will forever remind me that pipe dreams of a seven-year-old boy can come true.

SLIDESHOW:  A Few More Photos from Patrick Kinas’ Final Day in Rio


His WRAL-TV counterparts shared their adventures with their CBC co-workers late last week.  Check out the capcom story:

Thanks to DBBC’s Patrick Kinas for these capcom photos.

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