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Throwback Thursday: CBC History

1. Can you name this North Carolina politician who was a guest disc-jockey on WRAL-AM on a summer day in 1951?

Thad Eure

a) Thad Eure, NC Secretary of State
b) W. Kerr Scott, Governor
c) Jim Graham, NC Commissioner of Agriculture
d) Luther H. Hodges, Governor


2. CBC has always been fond of watermelons. We eat watermelon. We spit the seeds. And back in 1958 we rolled out the WRAL remote radio VW van to cover “Watermelon Day” at the Farmer’s Market.
Can you identify the two men in this photo? The CBC History team has been scratching our collective heads, but no names have surfaced. If you are the first to provide the correct answer, let us (John Harris or Pam Allen) know and you will be rewarded with a little something special for your knowledge.

WRAL-FM Watermelon Day


3. Speaking of spitting watermelon seeds…can you identify the CBC man spitting the seed?
For extra credit, can you ID the man with the cigar and white hat? Hint: His name was listed in the potential answers in question one.

Watermelon spitting


4) Dateline June 18, 1965. WRAL on Western Boulevard is under construction again. Do you know what was being built?


a) Parking lot behind the broadcast building
b) Large greenhouse for the azalea gardens.
c) Auditorium for The National Opera Company.
d) Foundation for the tower behind the building.


5) Do you know the location of this 1960 picture located at the Western Blvd campus?




1. a) Thad Eure, NC Secretary of State, was a guest disc jockey on Fred Fletcher’s radio show “Tempus Fugit.”

2. We don’t have a clue who these two men are. Do you?

3. Ray Wilkinson.
Extra points answer: Jim Graham, NC Commissioner of Agriculture

4. c) Foundation for the auditorium used by The National Opera Company. Later converted into the newsroom/news set in 1981. The space is now used by engineering for master control and mini-control rooms/studios.

5. The double glass doors leading to the breeze-way gives the location away. This is the upstairs lobby to the Corporate building.

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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