American Tobacco Celebrates Honey Harvest with Special Tenant Event

A Taste of Honey - American Tobacco

American Tobacco celebrated their honey harvest, and the anticipated opening of The Bullpen, with their tenants on Thursday, November 10, 2016.  A Taste of Honey took place from 4-6pm at The Bullpen. Tenants could sample over 10 honeys from around North Carolina, including honey produced on the American Tobacco rooftops. Bull Durham Beer Co. brewed […]

“America’s Most Award-Winning Radio News Team”

WRAL-FM News Team, 1983

“As a driving force in the community, we are a catalyst for positive change.” – Excerpt from CBC Code of Ethics In 1983, the news team at WRAL-101 FM won just about every award possible.  The words used to express the amazing amount of kudos almost exhausts every possible synonym available in Thesaurus:  “best,” “prestigious” […]