CBC’s Wallace and Grube Thankful for Learning Opportunity with Leadership Triangle

Jim Goodmon, Brian Grube & Michael Goodmon

WRAL-FM’s Brian Grube (center) receives his Leadership Triangle diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon (left) & ATC’s Michael Goodmon on Monday, December 5, 2016.

WRAL-FM Local and National Sales Manager Brian Grube and DBBC Director of Ticketing Peter Wallace were new to Leadership Triangle when they enrolled in the organization’s Transforming Leaders Program this fall.  Both are now Goodmon Fellows, the title for graduates from all of Leadership Triangle’s courses, and both are glad they took a chance on the learning opportunity.

“This being my first class with Leadership Triangle, I was unsure of what to expect,” said Wallace.  “What I found was that my expectations were constantly exceeded.  Our ‘faculty’ of Joe LeBoeuf, Mark Molitor, and Prinny Anderson challenged us every class. Often I would leave feeling mentally exhausted, yet energized by the breakthroughs made during that class.”

Grube also leapt in.

“WRAL-FM General Manager Katie Phillips alerted me to this program,” said Grube.  “And I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Wallace was interested in the concept of Leadership Triangle.

“The Transforming Leaders Program fascinated me for a number of reasons,” said Wallace.  “First and foremost was that even though I have been in management positions for the better part of a decade, I realized that no one had ever taught me how to lead (a fact they illustrate during the course).  As I read more about the program I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of some of the best teachers in the Triangle.”

Brian Grube

WRAL-FM’s Brian Grube gives his final presentation during the Transforming Leaders course.

Grube was also impressed with the line-up of teacher-leaders.

“I had the opportunity to learn from various instructors who have forgotten more about leadership that I’ll ever know,” he said.  “Classes were challenging, impactful and forced you to stop and make time to reflect.   Throughout the course I became more self-aware, came to terms with my core values, figured out how past experiences can shape professional style and met some truly impressive leaders from across the Triangle.”

Wallace says he will take many important concepts away from his time in the program.

My biggest take was that leadership is a journey.  It is not something that can be taught in a class and presto change, you’re a leader.  Leaders constantly evolve.  Leadership is tough.  You have to make tough and unpopular decisions some times.  Another breakthrough that I came away with from my one on one sessions with my personal leadership coach.  I found that my style of disseminating information to coworkers wasn’t very effective.  It worked for me, and thus I assumed it worked for everyone.  These sessions, combined with my 360 degree evaluation, really opened up my eyes that I needed to really work on that aspect.  It is hard to lead when followers do not feel they have all the information to follow. 

Both Grube and Wallace are full of praise for the Transforming Leaders program and would highly recommend it to their co-workers and others.

“Leadership Triangle put a lot of time and hard work into making the Transforming Leaders curriculum an MBA-caliber program complete with course deliverables at the conclusion,” said Grube.  “I was immediately able to apply concepts I learned on the first day of class, and it only grew from there.”

Wallace agreed.

“I have recommended this class to numerous members of the Bulls Front Office for not only the leadership aspect of it, but also the contacts you’ll make as you go about your leadership journey,” he said.  “I met some wonderful people both taking the class with me, and teaching the class.  We are united by a common goal, and it is great to know that they are there supporting me on my leadership journey.”

Graduation took place on Monday, December 5, 2016, at the Kenan Center in Chapel Hill.  CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon spoke to the graduates and helped present their Leadership Triangle diplomas alongside his son and current LT Board Chair, ATC Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon.

“Unfortunately, graduation came during the same time as Baseball Winter Meetings,” explained Wallace.  “I had to miss the graduation, which was by far my biggest disappointment.  To go through this class and not be able to graduate with friends and colleagues was a bummer, but they know I was there in spirit, and in fact myself and some of my ‘team’ are getting together for lunch next week.”

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Regional Program presented by Quintiles.  Visit www.leadershiptriangle.com for details.

Thanks to Leadership Triangle for these capcom photos.

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