Random CBC History Trivia Questions

Throwback Thursday: CBC History

1. Many well-known preachers had their programs produced in the studios of WRAL and/or WRAL radio. Which person did NOT broadcast from the studios of WRAL and/or WRAL radio?

A) Sister Gary
B) Oral Roberts
C) Billy Graham
D) Jimmy Morriss

2. While in Minneapolis, Minnesota covering the 1994 NCAA Basketball Championship, which WRAL Sports anchor tossed his hat into the air in homage to Mary Tyler Moore?

A) Jeff “Digger” Gravley
B) Tom Suiter
C) Bob Holliday
D) Rick Sullivan

3. Below is layout for Starshooter. What on earth was Starshooter?


A) Area in WRAL master control that receives network programming via satellite.
B) Area in the basement that was the control room area for Satellite News Network.
C) Starshooter was an 18 wheeler truck that could transmit via C-Band satellite.
D) Starshooter was a clever idea that was ahead of its time, but never got off the ground.

4. Can you identify which person is A.J. Fletcher, Founder of CBC?

A.J. Fletcher opera

5. Who had a vanity license plate for their car back in 1961?

Vanity license plate

A) Jim Goodmon
B) Fred Fletcher
C) Herb Marks
D) Scottie Stephenson


  1. C) Billy Graham.

Some may have guessed Oral Roberts who was known for his work out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. But, in the early ‘40s, he was a young pastor of a new gospel fellowship in Fuquay and broadcasted on WRAL radio on Sunday morning. In 1942 he decided to return to Oklahoma. (source: “Tempus Fugit” by author Fred Fletcher. Page 42)

2. B) Tom Suiter (check it out by clicking on the link below)


3. C) Starshooter was a large mobile uplinkC-band satellite truck. It went into service in the mid ‘80s and was sold in 1997. It was part of Microspace, a division of CBC.


4. CBC founder AJ Fletcher is 3rd from the left. Fletcher played Don Alfonso. He is standing with members of the Grass Roots Opera Company cast of Cosi Fan Tutti.

5. C) Herb Marks, AKA “Captain 5” was an announcer and host of the very popular children’s program “Cap’n 5”.

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story & these photos. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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