CBC Solar Farm Marks Fifth Anniversary

CBC Solar Farm

The CBC Solar Farm

Five years ago Capitol Broadcasting built a solar “farm” at the company’s tower antenna site in Garner.  Half a decade later the site is still producing energy and has expanded.

The panels soak up the sun, working in the background.  ATC Real Estate Development Director Mark Stanford talked to Capcom about the CBC Solar Farm to mark the fifth anniversary of the project.

“The most excitement we’ve had was during an ice storm that blew large ice chunks further than we’d expected – some of which landed on (and destroyed) solar panels and equipment,” he said.  “Otherwise, we simply keep the grass mowed, panels cleaned of dust each year, and hope the sun shines!”

The first phase of the building at the CBC Solar Farm is now five years old, while the second project completed three and half years ago.

Stanford explains that solar has rapidly expanded in North Carolina, in large part due to tax incentives, and shared this link with more information: http://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/north-carolina

CBC tracks the production of the CBC Solar Farm on WRAL.com:  CBC Solar Farm Dashboard 

CBC sells the power generated by the solar farm back to the grid.

Ultimately CBC hopes to expand its foray into environmentally-friendly power production with the hydro turbines at CBC –owned Rocky Mount Mills.

“They operated for several years after we first bought the property and generated power,” said Stanford of the hydro turbines.  “They’ve been down for repairs for a couple of years and pending our planning/construction efforts at the mill.”

Thanks to ATC’s Mark Stanford for these capcom photos.

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