CBC History 101 Trivia Quiz

Throwback Thursday: CBC History

The CBC History website showcases the life and time of all the divisions of Capitol Broadcasting. Every day we continue to add another video, another picture, another story that documents the mission, in part, to provide the highest level of service and expertise to our viewers, listeners and clients.

Please peruse the website and feel free to link any video, audio, picture, story to your social media page. Visitors to our historically robust website have told us how much they love seeing their favorite WRAL program and personality again; “It’s like seeing an old friend again.”

Below is a new Trivia Quiz from the website.  As part of Throwback Thursday, you can “Take the CBC Challenge” here, or you can go online to take the test. Find out if you know as much CBC history as our loyal audience.  http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/take-the-cbc-history-challenge/

CBC History 101 Trivia Quiz

1. What good luck charm was placed under the first section of WRAL’s Tall Tower?

a) Four leaf clover
b) Scrap metal
c) Penny
d) Piece of wood

2. WRAL-FM Mix 101 morning radio host Bob Inskeep chatted with a puppet named Zoot. Who provided the voice of Zoot?

a) Bob Inskeep
b) Tack Attayek
c) Rowell Gormon
d) Bill Jordan

3. In December 1989, WRAL’s 2,000 foot broadcast tower fell to the ground. What made it fall?

WRAL-TV tower

a) Tornado hit the tower
b) Hurricane wind
c) Lightning
d) Uneven ice thawing

4. The WRAL Garden is best known for what type of flower?

WRAL Gardens

a) Roses
b) Azaleas
c) Lilies
d) Orchids

5. Can you name the WRAL news anchor seated with Charlie Gaddy, who became well-known at CNN?

WRAL reunion newscast

a) Adele Arakawa
b) Bobbie Battista
c) Denise Boyer
d) Donna Gregory

6. What was the name of the first children’s program to air on WRAL-TV?

Romper Room

a) Playhouse
b) Romper Room
c) Play Time
d) Fun and Games

7. Name the NBC television star who appeared at the groundbreaking of WRAL-TV.

WRAL Groundbreaking

a) Dorothy Collins
b) Loretta Young
c) Eydie Gorme
d) Donna Reed

8. Name this Durham Bulls baseball player portrayed by Kevin Costner in the movie “Bull Durham.”

Crash Davis

a) “Crash Davis”
b) “Jolting Joe”
c) “Babe Ruth”
d) “Slammin’ Sammy”

9. WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel is known for liking cold, snowy weather. Where is Greg Fishel from?

Greg Fishel

a) Maine
b) Alaska
c) Minnesota
d) Pennsylvania

10. This dilapidated building in Durham was bought by Capitol Broadcasting Company. What did CBC do with the property?

American Tobacco

a) Created the American Tobacco Campus
b) Storage building
c) Bulldozed to the ground
d) Nothing


1. c) Penny
2. c) Rowell Gormon
3. d) Uneven ice thawing
4. b) Azaleas
5. b) Bobbie Battista
6. b) Romper Room
7. a) Dorothy Collins
8. a) Crash Davis
9. d) Pennsylvania
10. a) Created the American Tobacco Campus

Thanks to Corp’s Pam Allen for this capcom story & these photos. Pam Parris Allen is a former WRAL newscast producer/director who now works as a researcher and producer on the CBC History Project.

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