Behind the Scenes with WRAL-TV’s “Brain Game”: New Season Begins with Taping

"Brain Game"

Behind the scenes of a new “Brain Game” season at WRAL-TV. “Host Mark Roberts works with student competitors on “the smartest 30 minutes on television.”

The smartest 30 minutes on television recently got geared up for a new season on WRAL-TV.  The 21st season of WRAL-TV’s Brain Game kicked off with the taping of the first competition.  Brain Game Host Mark Roberts welcomed students from nine schools to the station on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, to record the first games for the 2017-2018 school year.

Several new teams will be competing for the very first time this school year.  And that’s not the only fresh feature for the upcoming season.

“New for this year, students from other schools help create the questions for the ‘Pop-Up Culture’ category, which is player favorite,” explained WRAL-TV Producer Kevin Shand, the producer of Brain Game.  “Who better to connect the show with what’s trending than the competitors themselves!”

Brain Game will come to a television set near you on WRAL-TV on Saturday, November 25, 2017, just two days after Thanksgiving.

“By the time The Brain Game playoffs get underway in February, 36 teams will play,” said Shand.  “They’ll answer 2800 questions, and in May 2018, one School will be crowned The Brain Game Champions.”

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Phyllis Parish for these capcom photos.

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