Listen and Learn with WRAL-FM’s Caskey & King: New Podcast “Wine + Dandy”

Wine + DandyWine is not just for snobs.  That’s the crux of a new podcast by two MIX 101.5 vino fans.  WRAL-FM Air Personality Sarah King brings her considerable wine expertise to share with wine lover but neophyte WRAL-FM Copywriter/Air Personality Jami Caskey.  The pair gab about all things decanted on their new podcast Wine + Dandy.

“As far as the show goes, it’s basically Sarah King (the expert) and me (Jami Caskey-the novice- I only know what I like) chatting about all KINDS of wine, wine topics, and the listener gets to learn along with me!” explained Caskey.  “The biggest thing is we make wine fun—NOT snobby- we’re just sipping and laughing and chatting, and want folks to feel like they can join in at home.”

Jami Caskey & Sarah King

The WRAL-FM duo of Jami Caskey (left) & Sarah King talk and taste vino on their new podcast Wine + Dandy.

The pair posts a new podcast every other Thursday.  Find the latest, as well a past, episodes on WRAL-FM’s websiteWine + Dandy

“We have so much fun with our podcast,” said King.  “Jami loves wine and is learning quickly. Having worked in the wine biz for over 20 years, I love sharing what I know with her. We have industry insiders as guests. They teach us all sorts of interesting tidbits — like how to taste and pair a wine.”

The ladies have lots of fun in store, including a painting party at Wine & Design with the podcasting pair in January.  Details will be released soon, but if you’d like want to know more now, find the info here:

“Our mission is to take the ‘snobbery’ out of wine,” said King.  “Wine is JUST an alcoholic beverage. Many people think it’s extremely complicated. We know wine is fun, and we intend to prove it!”

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Jami Caskey for these capcom photos & to WRAL-FM’s Jason Newton for this capcom graphic.

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