Audience Development Announces New Digital Reality Series

The MurraysCBC Audience Development is in production on its first digital episodic series for national distribution.

“The Murrays” are a delightful young family with five daughters and another baby on the way.

“It’s a much needed positive look at family in our society’s current diet of problem-ridden, sensational, tabloid family units,” says Shelly Leslie, CBC Audience Development GM.

“The Murrays are unscripted, authentic and yes, adorable! They’re also a triple opportunity for us to produce high volume, short form digital content, a longer form docu-series focused on baby #6 plus branded content for local and national sponsors. They’re local and we’re super excited about working with them.”

Once produced, the digital short form reality parenting series will be pitched to various media platforms such as Disney Digital Network, Parent Digital Magazine, Facebook Watch, Amazon and Go90.

A look at their social stats shows they have a fan base, which will only grow with CBC’s national distribution efforts.

The Murrarys Social Media Fan Base

“I want to acknowledge Gayle Allen, who is the Director of Operations and Distribution for Audience Development,” Shelly says. “I challenged Gayle to find local influencers we could produce for a wider audience and she found The Murrays on YouTube. Gayle and Jennifer Venable have been instrumental in getting this deal done.”

Gayle explains that we’ll see “a profound and, at times, hilarious behind-the-scenes view of The Murrays family videos.”

The Murrays

Episode titles include “She’s Throwing Up”, “Daddy Daughter Dance”, “Teaching My Kid to Ride a Bike”, “We Almost Hit Them” (we don’t mean the kids) and the most recent, “Pregnancy Announcement”, as they’re pregnant again with their 6th child!


With the announcement of Baby Murray #6, our docu-series will follow the morning sickness to the delivery to see if the little Murray sisters finally get that baby brother they want! That series will stream on WRAL platforms, including the WRAL OTT app on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV.

Distribution - WRAL apps

“We’re excited to take CBC into the distribution arena and gain national exposure for quality programming, as well as develop local original content that brings us new revenue opportunities. That’s been the goal of Audience Development since day one,” Shelly explains.

Be on the lookout for more announcements as show development continues in the Audience Development division.

Thanks to AUD’s Gayle Allen for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.

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