Diving in the Friendly Skies: WRAL-TV’s Gardner Set to Jump with Golden Knights

Tune in to the WRAL Morning News on Friday morning to watch WRAL-TV Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner and two of her CBC colleagues face their fears and go skydiving!  Check out what Gardner had to say about her upcoming adventure in the WRAL Weather Center blog on WRAL.com:

Stomach butterflies swarm before skydive opportunity

Elizabeth GardnerWhen the Army offered me the chance to skydive with the Golden Knights, I jumped at the chance. That’s not just a pun. It’s the truth. It was only after I had a minute to think that I questioned my enthusiasm.

Still, if it’s safe enough for a 90-year-old former president, it’s safe enough for me!

I am looking forward to Friday morning when I’ll get to jump along with four Capitol Broadcasting colleagues. The team from “Two Men and a Mom,” the morning show on Mix 101.5 FM, and one of our web producers will be along for the ride.

Sure, it will be scary to stand in the open door of the plane, but we’re jumping tandem, which means the soldier who is my guide will do the work. I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy it. You can expect a little bit of screaming as I realize just how far there is to fall.

’ve heard it’s peaceful, like flying, and even like being still as the wind whips against your ears. Then comes the opening of the chute, the gentle glide to the ground and another scary part: the landing.

I’ll be chiming in on WRAL-TV all through the morning news Friday and on our Facebook page, so you can gauge our level of anticipation. Then be sure to tune in to WRAL News Friday evening for our complete wrap-up.

Wish me luck!

Thanks to WRAL.com for this capcom story, graphic & video.

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