MIX Listeners Donate Over 3,000 Toys in 36 Hours

MIX 101.5 Toy Drive

MIX 101.5’s 3rd Annual 3,000 Toys for Girls and Boys ran for 36 hours on Thursday & Friday, November 29, 2018. Generous listeners donated toys, to get Two Men & A Mom’s Sarah King down off the scissor lift.

Generous MIX 101.5 listeners helped WRAL-FM surpass their goal for the 3rd Annual 3,000 Toys for Girls and Boys kicked.  WRAL-FM personalities collected toys on Thursday & Friday, November 29 & 30, 2018, at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh and Crossroads in Cary.  3,236 toys were raised in 36 hours for local Girls and Boys Clubs!

Two Men & a Mom’s Sarah King braved the chilly temps to go up in the scissorlift in the Coastal Federal Credit Union parking lot at Crabtree.  She was determined to stay aloft until they met the toy goal.

“It was cold, but totally worth it!” said King.  “We love partnering with the Boys and Girls Club because their mission to help kids who weren’t dealt a fair hand succeed!”

Listeners brought toys to both drop-off locations, as well as to the studio where the Two Men to King’s Mom were stationed.  Bryan Lord and Kyle Smelser cheered as bags of toys filled their workspace.

“It always amazes me the kind people in our community,” said King.  “The helpers. Truly, Thursday and Friday were incredible. I had good ol’ boys with trucks full of toys, retirees in buses full of toys, and moms and dads with minivans full too!”

King had a lot of time to reflect on the needs in the Triangle and the smiling faces of all the kids who will receive toys from the drive this year.  She appreciates her morning team co-hosts and WRAL-FM Program Director Michele Williams’ support.

“Being up in that lift was a unique experience to be sure,” she said.  “I haven’t been alone with my thoughts like that, well, ever. Not for that long. I was glad to come down that for sure. Kyle and Bryan were incredible keeping the Drive on course. And Michele was always there when I needed her with coffee or Chinese food-VERY appreciated. So happy we brought in so many toys. Always warms the heart to see the beautiful side of people.”

Thanks to WRAL-FM for these capcom photos.

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