“Education Matters” Taped in WRAL Virtual Reality Studio for First Time

Education Matters

CBC taped the 103rd episode of “Education Matters” on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. The episode marked the first taping of the show in WRAL-TV’s Virtual Reality studio.

On Wednesday night, June 12, 2019, CBC taped the 103rd episode of Education Matters taped its 103rd episode. The topic for the program was Rock Star Teachers.

This episode was special not because it was the 103rd episode but because it is the first to be taped in the VR (Virtual Reality) studio. Yep, Education Matters has moved out of the cavernous Studio A!

Working in the new VR studio presented some hurdles.

Education Matters host Keith Poston said, “I’ll admit to being a bit nervous after more than 100 shows on our set in Studio A. We moved to the new VR studio with minimal rehearsal at a new evening recording time and with a lot of new faces in the production crew. But honestly, they are all pros who put me at ease. Plus, for the first show we had some awesome teacher guests and I thought it went great. Looking forward to taking more advantage of the technology as I get the feel for what’s possible.”

Guests included the 2019 North Carolina Teacher of the Year Mariah Morris, 2018 NC Teacher of the Year Freebird McKinney, and 2018 Western Region Teacher of the Year Julie Paige Pittman.

Many thanks to WRAL-TV News Production Manager James Ford, WRAL-TV Director/Producer Mick Evans, WRAL-TV Crew Chief Tim King and the whole production crew for making this possible.

You can see this episode and future episodes of Education Matters Saturday night at 7:30 on WRAL, or at 8:00am on FOX50, or at 6:30am on Wednesday on UNC-TV.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Scott Reid for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.


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