Microspace Relocates Equipment to Improve Response Time


The location of the Christian Radio Consortium equipment in Microspace’s Network Control Center.

Microspace recently made a big move of its CRC customer equipment, the Christian Radio Consortium, from the Capitol Broadcasting Auburn transmitter site to Highwoods where Microspace’s offices are located. CRC is a group of Christian radio stations, whose programming Microspace uplinks from Auburn to over 3,000 radio stations, all over the U.S.

The C-Band uplink equipment is located at the Auburn transmitter site. Microspace moved all the customer back haul equipment from Auburn to the Highwoods campus.

Microspace made the move to enable quicker response times when those customers have equipment issues. Previously CBC’s satellite division had engineers and technicians on call to respond to customers issues, but they would have to drive out to Auburn to respond to equipment issues.

Now, with the customer equipment in Highwoods, Microspace has immediate an response times to customer requests.

This move involved yearlong planning and coordination with customers to move existing fiber lines and send us temporary equipment for a simulcast. Microspace technicians had to wire new audio systems and install new Ethernet wiring for new networks at Highwoods.

The day of the customer equipment move all of the Microspace Engineering staff was on hand; this allowed a seamless transition with no customer down time. Microspace coordinated the moving of all services, under the supervision of MCC Senior Systems Engineer Chris Collins.

The content now comes to Highwoods, then Microspace sends it out to Auburn via fiber and on their digital microwave path for C-Band uplink.

Thanks to MCC’s Brian Pittman & MCC’s Chris Tomblin for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.


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