Bulls Praise Congressional Effort to Save Minor League Baseball

Members of Congress create Save Minor League Baseball Task Force

The Durham Bulls on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, praised the newly created Save Minor League Baseball Task Force organized by members of Congress to prevent Major League Baseball (MLB) from eliminating 42 minor league franchises, nearly one quarter of all minor league teams around the country.

“We appreciate the support of Rep. Lori Trahan (D.-Massachusetts), David McKinley (R-W.Va.) and the members of the task force in speaking out against MLB’s effort to eliminate 42 organizations in urban and rural areas around the country. The resulting social and economic loss will have a substantial impact on these affected communities,” said Capitol Broadcasting Company Vice President – Baseball Operations Mike Birling.

While the Durham Bulls were not on the list of teams facing the possibility of elimination under the MLB proposal, the Bulls will remain vigilant and united with all Minor League Baseball teams in opposition to the MLB plan.

Minor league teams are important to the social and economic well-being of millions of Americans; they support scores of local businesses and jobs, provide accessible entertainment, help promote tourism spending and donate tens of millions of dollars in charitable contributions.

“Not only is Minor League Baseball vital to Durham, but also ten other cities and towns in the state of North Carolina,” said Birling. “While we are not affected by this proposal, we stand with the Burlington Royals, and the rest of the affected teams throughout Minor League Baseball, in resisting this plan and are grateful to have Congress behind us.”

Thanks to DBBC’s Emily Almond for this capcom story.

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