CBC New Media Re-Brands as WRAL Digital

WRAL DigitalCapitol Broadcasting’s digital division, CBC New Media, began undergoing a re-brand at the end of 2019.  The division created to encompass technology and the internet is now being referred to as WRAL Digital.

“It was time for a change,” said WRAL Digital Vice President John Conway.  “New Media is more than 15 years old, so it is hard to call what we do ‘new’.”

While the legal name will remain CBC New Media, the new moniker will better reflect the fact that the departments under the WRAL Digital umbrella manage WRAL.com, build websites for clients through WRAL Digital Solutions, coordinate and sell digital advertising, and much more.

WRAL Digital Solutions sells digital marketing services and has expanded its offerings in creative services, including branding.  The in-house experts helped CBC New Media develop a new identity and logo, recognizing that it might not be seen much outside of our own campuses.

“NMG Associate Creative Director Jeff Wood and NMG Manager of Client Services & Operations Katie Fulp took the lead and came up with a name and logo that made sense,” explained Conway.  “WRAL Digital is the umbrella for all things digital that we do, while WRAL Digital Solutions emphasizes our ability to serve any digital marketing or advertising need.”

Conway is pleased with the result.

“I really like the logo,” he said.  “It has a clean, modern feel. It’s simple and clearly says who we are and what we do. It leads with a brand that is our flagship and how most people refer to us out in the community.”

John Conway was recently promoted to Vice President of WRAL Digital. Check out the Capcom story:

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