Making Miracles Happen, Final Day of 2020 MIX Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital

2020 MIX Radiothon

Benjamin “THE BOWTIE” Pappas joins Kyle, Bryan and Sarah and the 26th Annual Radiothon for Duke Children’s to hear how your struggle could be your biggest strength on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

MIX 101.5 got off to a strong start with the 26th Annual MIX Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital yesterday and will conclude the two-day drive today, Wednesday, December 16, 2020.  The MIX staffers behind the event are dedicated and passionate about the cause.

“2020 has been a year for everyone,” said WRAL-FM Morning Personality Sarah King.  “We are so excited to make sure those kids and families who needs may have been overshadowed by the pandemic are seen.”

Despite the challenges of the past nine months, MIX is as committed as ever to making a difference through Radiothon.

“What always captures our hearts is the courage and love the families of Duke Children’s Hospital radiate,” said WRAL-FM Morning Personality Kyle Smelser.  “The doctors, nurses and staff are superhuman individuals for what they do on a daily basis. The heartbeat of the hospital though is the families who come through those hospital doors. We are humbled to be such a small part of a place that creates miracles every single day in our community.”

Smelser and King have been interviewing families remotely during Radiothon, along with their morning show partner Bryan Lord and other MIX personalities.  The event usually broadcasts live from the lobby of Duke Children’s, but due to the pandemic is taking place in the MIX studio with personalities connecting with children, families and staff members from their homes.

“Duke Children’s is a world-renowned children’s hospital in our own backyard,” said King.  “An incredible safety net that no parent ever wants to use, but offers a comfort knowing is so close by. It is up to us to keep the lights on and the doors open. Every year we are honored by the families brave enough to share their stories. The least we can do is stay on air for a couple of days to raise awareness and money for the place where miracles happen!”

MIX 101.5 Radiothon

If you are looking for last minute gift ideas and do not want to worry about shipping deadlines, a donation to Radiothon is the perfect idea.  Make a contribution in honor of a friend or family member.  It will be a gift that keeps on giving and will make a huge difference in the lives of the children, families and staff members at Duke Children’s Hospital.

The check presentation will take place around 7pm, with the announcement of the final results, so don’t miss out.

Tune in to WRAL-FM today to listen, learn and give!

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