Rocky Mount Mills Featured in The New York Times

Rocky Mount Mills in The New York Times

Rocky Mount Mills has been featured in The New York Times’ June 15, 2021 edition.

The New York Times featured Rocky Mount Mills in a piece in the June 15, 2021 edition of the publication.  In “A Second Life for North Carolina’s Shuttered Factories,” Amanda Abrams focuses on the revival of the property from a closed down mill to a thriving combination of residential and commercial use.  The mixed-use destination is now striving to become a hub for remote workers.

Abrams wrote, “Now, with the rise of remote work, developers are betting that the factories’ beauty and sense of history, packaged with a roster of community activities, will give them a way to lure young talent. If workers are no longer tethered to their offices, they’re free to go anywhere — and it’s possible they will choose smaller cities with a higher quality of life.”


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