WRAL and FOX 50 return to DISH lineup

Welcome Back, DISH Customers

UPDATE: July 23, 2021

Exciting news to share with WRAL and FOX 50 viewers impacted by the DISH outage: We are happy to report that both WRAL (NBC) and FOX 50 (WRAZ/FOX) have now been restored to DISH in a multi-year agreement.

We are sorry it took so long to get a deal done. If you read some of the previous articles on keepmylocalstations.com, you will see what the major issues were and how DISH has had similar issues with hundreds of other stations. Fortunately, in this case, we have reached an agreement.

You should be receiving all of the WRAL and FOX 50 programming immediately, including programs like America’s Got Talent and the Tokyo Olympic Games, beginning July 23rd on WRAL. You also now have access to all WRAL News programs. For the current line-up of both stations, visit the grid here:

Thank you for your emails and phone calls. We value your viewership and are happy to “welcome back” all DISH viewers.

Thanks to WRAL.com for this Capcom story & graphic.

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