“Follow The Truth” Podcast Addresses New Evidence, New Questions in 8th Episode

WRAL’s Follow The Truth podcast dropped the 10-part debut true-crime series’ 8th episode on Thursday, September 2, 2021.  WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb, the podcast’s executive producer and host, talked to WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Ken Smith on WRAL’s Morning News a day early to set the stage for the episode focusing on Chris Mumma, the executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, and the fight to free Daniel Green, who was convicted of murdering James Jordan in 1996.

Lamb also posted another entry in the blog that expounds on the podcast episodes and the details of the case:

As she posted on social media to share her interview with Smith, Lamb also shared appreciation for the many people tuning into the podcast.

“I also want to take this moment to think all of the listeners who have given us such positive feedback,” posted Lamb.  “It really means a lot to hear from you. Our team worked very hard on this, and we really appreciate your kind words.”

Follow the Truth podcastListen to Episode 8:

Catch up on other episodes:

WRAL’s debut true-crime series Follow The Truth, digs into the murder of James Jordan, father of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. The 10-part series then looks into the case against Daniel Green, the man who has said for nearly 30 years that he is innocent of the crime.

Weekly episodes of Follow The Truth are being released on Thursdays through Sept 16.

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