99.9 The Fan’s Ovies Shares Story Behind “Roy: That Dadgum Legend” Podcast

Joe Ovies

99.9 The Fan’s Joe Ovies talks about the new 6-part podcast created from an interview he and Joe Giglio conducted with basketball coaching legend Roy Williams.

99.9 The Fan Sports Talk Host Joe Ovies talked to Capcom about a recent endeavor he and his OG co-host Joe Giglio launched this week, a 6-part podcast about retired basketball coaching legend Roy Williams: 

Following the success of “Never Failed: The Russell Wilson Story”, Giglio and I had a meeting with management about what project to tackle next. Given the recent retirement of Roy Williams and the relationship Giglio had developed with the coach over the years during his time at the newspaper, it made sense to cash in a favor with the hall-of-famer.

Williams was very gracious with his time. Giglio and I caught up with him while he was moving into his new office inside the Smith Center for two 1-hour recording sessions. The goal of the podcast was simple – get him to tell his story during a much more casual conversation media members are rarely allowed to have with the people we cover. Williams explained to us at the end of the sessions that he has always felt comfortable talking to people as long as he felt there wasn’t a different agenda, while also understanding we’re simply trying to do our jobs.

Again, that comes from a level of trust Giglio built with the coach. Most people don’t get to see this, but Giglio and Williams truly are the odd couple. They get along in a way I haven’t seen in the Smith Center press room in all my years going to games, so it wasn’t a surprise that Giglio was able to get more insight from Williams than we typically got from countless interviews in the past. My job was to weave the threads of Williams’ story into multiple parts, while also framing the stories with audio from our archives and WRAL’s archives (shout out to Jason Jennings for helping once again).

Joe Giglio

99.9 The Fan’s Joe Giglio talks about the new 6-part podcast created from an interview he and Joe Ovies conducted with basketball coaching legend Roy Williams.

There is no doubt listeners will learn something new about Williams and North Carolina from this podcast, and most importantly, be entertained.


Roy: That Dadgum Legend

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