CBC Podcast Network Launches “Roy: That Dadgum Legend,” 6-Part Series with Hall-of-Fame UNC Coach

Roy: That Dadgum LegendRoy Williams’ story from intramural official in basketball and horseshoes (yes, horseshoes) to the Naismith Hall of Fame is truly remarkable and unique. In a new 6-part podcast featuring nearly 2-hours of conversations with 99.9FM The Fan’s Joe Giglio and Joe Ovies, various threads from Williams’ career are weaved together to highlight his particular place in North Carolina and college basketball history.

“Roy: That Dadgum Legend” is now available wherever you get your podcasts.  Parts 1-3 dropped this week.

“Roy Williams once told me that I ask good questions,” said Giglio.  “I consider that to be the ultimate compliment of my 25-year journalism career. With his retirement came an opportunity to spend an extended period of time with him and gave me the chance to ask some of those good questions. He, as you learn in six episodes of the podcast, came up with even better answers.”

“The goal of the podcast was simple – get him to tell his story during a much more casual conversation media members are rarely allowed to have with the people we cover.”

–Joe Ovies, on interviewing Roy Williams for “Roy: That Dadgum Legend”

Read more about what Ovies had to say about creating the project, including accolades for his podcaster-in-crime, Joe Giglio:

Giglio and Ovies sat down with the hall-of-fame coach for a candid conversation.  The story of how he made it to the top with two of the blue blood programs in college basketball, UNC and Kansas, has been told, but not like this and not with this type of honesty and insight from “That Dadgum Legend” himself.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team for securing this great opportunity with the legendary Roy Williams,” said CBC Vice President of Radio Brian Maloney.  “The success of the podcast is a TEAM effort…from programming, sales, promotion and the entire CBC platforms – we think we have a homerun!”

“The OG with Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio continue to optimize their influence and leadership for creating engaging, original content opportunities across multiple platforms,” said CBC Radio Brand/Content Manager Sammy Simpson.  “This latest podcast is a such a unique experience for our audience to discover even more about a sports icon speaking in his own words curated by our team in such an intimate performance.”


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