27th Annual MIX Radiothon for Duke Children’s Raises $642,770 in Two Days!

2021 MIX Radiothon check presentation

MIX 101.5’s 27th Annual Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital raised $642,990!!! WRAL-FM’s Bryan Lord (l to r), Sarah King, Kyle Smelser & Jim Kelly make the great announcement on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

WRAL-FM raised $642,770 in the 27th Annual MIX 101.5 Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital!  The radiothon took place over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 14 and 15, concluding with the big announcement on the total at 6:30pm on the final day.

“HOLY CRAP!” said WRAL-FM Personality Jim Kelly.  “We had a feeling we were going to hit a big number, both days just felt really good but we had no idea it was going to be THAT big!”

WRAL-FM Morning Personality Bryan Lord agreed.

“Our jaws were anchored to the floor for like 5 or 6 seconds,” he said.  “The final total surpassed all of our expectations. Truly a testament to the compassion of our MIX listeners.”

The MIX team conducted interview from the studio this year, for COVID safety.  But the listeners responded as enthusiastically as if the crew had been in their usual spot in the Duke Children’s lobby.

“I’ve been here for all 27 Radiothons and every one is special,” said WRAL-FM Personality Diane Ramsey.  “This year I feel like we hit our stride on social media and reached even more people about the important work done every day at Duke Children’s.”

“We are THRILLED by this number! The kids who are in Duke Children’s for the holidays know that they are seen and loved by the community. I swear MIX listeners have the biggest hearts. While we did have some larger donations, the number on that check is built on $20 dollar donations and that speaks volumes. Each and every year the Radiothon restores my faith in humanity.”
–WRAL-FM’s Sarah King

An All-Time Great Interview
The MIX team interviewed a number of parents, kids and staff members from Duke Children’s during the two-day event.  Kelly shared about a particularly memorable one:

So many great stories shared by patients and parents of patients it is hard to narrow down to just one. I will note that one interview will go down as the craziest of all times. All our interviews were virtual through StreamYard. Charlie Galuten and his mom Jill came on as one of our last few interviews. 6-year-old Charlie had received his last chemo treatments in the months prior. Charlie was off the chain, not in a bad way, in a cute, crazy, 6-year-old way. You have to check out the interview on the MIX Facebook page. It’s worth the watch.  

A Big Effort for a Big Total
Kids like Charlie and his family help fuel the MIX crew to make Radiothon a success; the event is the largest fundraiser for the Duke Children’s Hospital each year.

“From my side, I’m so proud of the entire MIX 101.5 staff who created a 2021 Radiothon for Duke Children’s that really stands out more than ever by looking, feeling, and sounding amazing,” said WRAL-FM Brand/Content Manager Sammy Simpson.  “Our team commitment to this very important community effort has been going strong for 27 years because of what each one brings to our success in executing it annually. The commitment, authenticity, and dedication are why this matters to our audience, advertisers, and partners to help raise much needed funds to make a difference for children.”

Kelly was also filled with the praise for the heartfelt dedication of the MIX staff who made the magic happen.

“I love the MIX Morning Show’s passion for the hospital,” he said.  “This was Kyle, Bryan and Sarah’s sixth year broadcasting the Radiothon and each year you can hear their love for these kids and their families grow deeper and that love comes through over the air. Hate to sound like the dad at the radio station but I’m really proud of them.”

Watch the check presentation and announcement of the awesome final total:

Thanks to WRAL-FM for these Capcom photos.

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