MIX in Space

UNC Professor Jim Kitchen
UNC Professor Jim Kitchen opens his passport and his picture of the WRAL-FM Morning Crew floats out during his flight on the Blue Origin rocket on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

The MIX Mornings team now has a new claim to fame.  They have floated in zero gravity…in outer space!

“We befriended UNC Professor Jim Kitchen before his trip to space,” explained WRAL-FM Morning Show Personality Kyle Smelser.  “We knew he was taking his passport to space so we asked him to include a picture of us in it…. when he got to space he released our picture in the Blue Origin!”

In a voicemail Kitchen left for Smelser, he told them when he opened his passport, their photo actually fell out and floated.  They have a viral video as proof:

WRAL-TV Anchors Lena Tillet and Julian Grace chatted with Lord and Smelser about the adventure on the WRAL Morning News:

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