A Secret Worth Sharing: MIX’s Fun Summer Contest

MIX 101.5 Secret Celebrity

It’s no secret that MIX 101.5’s Secret Celebrity is a big hit.  Listeners are truly getting into the contest that has made a smash return, making another fun run at WRAL-FM.

“Secret Celebrity is a blast,” said WRAL-FM Asst Prog Director/Music Director Jim Kelly.  “We started the contest last summer and the MIX listeners had so much fun playing it, we brought it back again this summer.”

The nuts and bolts of the contest: MIX personalities play the audio clue at 8:05a, 9:05a, 1:05p and 4:05p.  Listeners have 10 minutes to text the word ‘cash’ to (919) 860-1015 and then after 10 minutes, MIX picks a random text, calls that person back and lets them take a guess at the celeb.

“The thing we love about it is the unity the game creates,” said Kelly.  “We hear all the time about a group of friends on text threads, offices collaborating, family members working together trying to figure out the celebrity.”

Jim Kelly
MIX 101.5’s Jim Kelly shares daily clues in MIX’s Secret Celebrity.

One Raleigh restaurant is really getting into the game.  Kelly shared a great example of the fun.

“One of my favorite stories is Mellow Mushroom on Peace Street,” said Kelly.  “The manager Steve is some sort of savant when it comes to this game. Through the contest this summer and last, of the 60+ winners, probably about 15 of them worked at Mellow Mushroom. They have a bank of cell phones that are laid out in the back of the restaurant and they all text in to try and win. Steve was the first winner from Mellow Mushroom, and he has gone on to spread the wealth to the rest of his employees. At this point, it’s become part of the benefits package at Mellow Mushroom.”

MIX 101.5’s Secret Celebrity has become the epitome of summer, pure enjoyment.

“The other thing I have loved about it this time around is how happy people are just to play,” he said.  “Even when they lose, we get ‘thanks so much for letting me play’ or ‘thanks for calling me’.”

Tune in to MIX 101.5 and play Secret Celebrity today!


***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families are not eligible to win WRAL-FM contests.***

Diane Ramsey
WRAL-FM’s Diane Ramsey teases the daily Secret Celebrity clue.

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