MIX 101.5 Hits 36-Year High in Ratings

MIX 101.5

MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM earned the biggest increase in ratings this July that the station had experienced in 36 years.  MIX rose from 9.4 to 10.2, which Radio Insight’s Chris Huff noted is the biggest non-December/Holiday share since 1986. 

These ratings are for persons 12+ who listened Monday through Sunday from 6am to midnight.  MIX has now been the #1 12+ station at the top of the Raleigh-Durham market for 4 straight months in a row. 

“I’m proud to lead a team who continue building upon a vision to resolve and achieve in a new way! A 36-year high!”
– WRAL-FM Brand/Content Manager Sammy Simpson

Numbers in the industry and the market change, but the determination and dedication of the WRAL-FM team remains as the biggest factor in the station’s success.

“Ratings are so fickle and can shift from month-to-month based on a number of conditions,” said WRAL-FM Brand/Content Manager Sammy Simpson.  “The current MIX success is a combination of very hard work from our programming team to be live and local daily, a great promotional effort, unique contesting, and community focus.”

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