MIX DJ U Begins New Season

Kadence kicked off the new season of MIX 101.5’s DJ University on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

WRAL-FM is bringing back MIX 101.5’s DJ University!  WRAL-FM Air Personality Doug Miller launched the new season on Thursday, September 15, 2022, with a new upcoming star, Kadence.  Full of personality, she kicked off the first post-pandemic DJ U night, co-hosting with Miller.

Mentoring the Radio Personalities of Tomorrow
MIX launched DJ U in 2018, and Miller gladly brought it back after the pandemic pause.

“We felt as if the feature had enough momentum and with the number of entries we received prior to the pandemic, once the world got back to, whatever normal is, we would try and bring it back,” he explained.

MIX DJ University

 So far, MIX and Miller have hosted around 70 students through DJ U. 

“My best memories are whenever the kids are having fun being in the studio and experiencing being on the air,” he said.  “Specifically, one occasion a Mom had shared with us in the entry that her daughter was taking violin lessons. We encouraged her to bring the violin in and play for us on the air. That really was a special moment for me for her sharing her talent by playing. She did a great job!” 

And We’re Back!
Miller is very happy to be bringing the popular feature back.

When asked what his favorite thing is about being the host and mentor of DJ U, he told Capcom, “For me, it’s just getting the kids back in who want to try the radio experience. I really get as much out of their school and home activities they share as they do being in with us.”

As a bonus, this season Miller and MIX are extending the feature from 30 minutes to an hour, to allow the student DJs more time to share whatever interests drive them.

MIX 101.5’s DJ U broadcasts live on Thursday nights from 7-8pm each week.

Find out more about DJ U and how to enroll:

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