Jim Goodmon (1943 – )

The base of our business is broadcasting, but beyond the business of broadcasting is our belief in the public trusteeship, the public service, and the community service responsibilities inherent in the ownership of a federal broadcast license. … We do not believe a company can meet its business responsibilities without meeting its community responsibilities as well. – Jim Goodmon

jim_goodmonJames Fletcher “Jim” Goodmon grew up experiencing the broadcast industry at his grandfather’s knee.  He was only a teenager when WRAL-TV won its license from the FCC, but he watched carefully and learned well as A.J.Fletcher built the station into a local powerhouse.

Goodmon attended Duke University, but left for the Navy before obtaining a degree.  While serving his enlistment in Memphis, TN, he met and married Barbara Lyons and brought her back to Raleigh.

Upon his return to North Carolina in 1968, Goodmon was named Operations Manager at WRAL-TV.  In 1973 he took on corporate responsibilities as Executive Vice President of Capitol Broadcasting Company.    In 1975 he became CBC’s President and in 1979 he was named President & CEO of the company.  In September 2007, Goodmon named his son, Jimmy Goodmon, as President & COO, while the elder Goodmon remained CEO and Board Chair.

During his 45-year career Jim Goodmon has guided the explosive growth of CBC’s broadcast holdings and led the company’s expansion into satellite communications, new media, real estate and professional sports.

Known as a trailblazer and a pioneer, Goodmon explores new technology with passion and energy—always seeking out the latest and best methods of serving our audiences, clients and community partners.  He holds a fierce dedication to the public interest, and all CBC divisions not only meet but exceed industry requirements and standards.

Goodmon led CBC and its stations into the digital age, gaining industry-wide recognition as a visionary whose stations constantly pushed the boundaries of technology.  In 1996 the FCC granted the nation’s first experimental HDTV license to WRAL-TV, which was the first in a long line of CBC technological achievements in the field of high definition television.

Jim Goodmon’s interests go well beyond broadcasting.  Under his leadership, Capitol Broadcasting Company has expanded into real estate—developing the American Tobacco Historic District in Durham and turning it into an award-winning example of entrepreneurial restoration.

Durham is also home to another CBC-owned icon, the Durham Bulls.  Jim Goodmon has always loved baseball, and in the early ‘90s CBC took over the most famous franchise in minor league baseball history.  Under CBC ownership the Bulls have won championships, risen to Triple-A status, and set attendance records at the new ballpark that has become a centerpiece in downtown Durham.

Whether it’s broadcasting, real estate, new media or professional sports–Jim Goodmon is at the forefront of the industry.  His leadership is based on principle, vision and a strong commitment to the community, and those ideals inspire the divisions of Capitol Broadcasting Company each and every day.