Keeping the Stack in Shape: American Tobacco and Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Smoke Stack

Talk about a birds-eye-view… A chimney restoration crew has been onsite for the past week doing some routine maintenance to the Lucky Strike Smoke Stack. The work involved the installation of a 210′ vertical ladder and then attaching a floating work platform. The crew inspected the exterior of the stack and painted the steel rings. Would […]

Crazy Things

Hang gliding

1. Name the weatherman or meteorologist who presented a weathercast from WRAL’s tall tower. a) Bob Caudle b) Bob Debardelaben c) Bob Knapp d) Greg Fishel 2. Name the SKY 5 pilot who appeared in a live shot wearing a Halloween mask. a) Steve Wiley b) Randy Watkins c) Mike Allen d) Frank Beall   […]

CBC’ers Plant Pinwheels for Prevent Child Abuse

Elizabeth Sullivan

CBC employees worked together to plant a pinwheel garden to honor Child Abuse Prevention Month on Wednesday, April 27, 2016.  Staffers worked alongside NC Prevent Child Abuse representatives to plant over 1,000 pinwheels out front of the CBC headquarters and WRAL-TV studios on Western Blvd. The pinwheel is the symbol of child abuse prevention, representing […]

Hives Cause Big Buzz at CBC

CBC bee swarm

Recently CBC was abuzz with activity, and not because of a breaking news story or peacocks at the station.  A swarm of bees from the Hive 5 hives decided to spread out and create their own new home on the side of the building. We checked in with our resident bee expert, Bee Downtown Founder […]

Spring Cleaning at Microspace, Tower Maintenance Complete

Microspace tower

300 feet above Microspace’s Highwoods Blvd location, a tower holds multiple microwave antennas used for signal transmissions across the Triangle. One of these antenna provides the microwave link to/from Microspace Highwoods to Microspace Auburn facilities.  The 10-foot cover over this antenna was disintegrated, by the storm system which spawned tornadoes in the area on February […]

Bull Durham Beer Featured in “Our State”

Bull Durham Beer Company

In its second year the Bull Durham Beer Company has doubled its offerings at Durham Bulls games and continues attracting the baseball crowd and beyond.  On April 15, 2016, “Our State” magazine published a piece about the one-of-a-kind baseball brewery. “The easy-drinking brews that Bull Durham creates have the power to make fans out of […]

MIX Responds to the Loss of a Music Legend

MIX 101.5 and Prince

“The beauty of local radio is that we can respond. It’s one of our greatest strengths. We’re in the community and can be with our listeners as things happen. We can commiserate with the listener as things happen.” — WRAL-FM Program Director Michele Williams Social media exploded when the world heard the news that music […]

New WRAL Documentary and In-Depth Analysis: Grading Teacher Pay

WRAL Documentary

Airs Tuesday, April 26 at 7 p.m. Teacher salaries have plummeted to 42nd in the nation, contributing to teacher turnover, shortages and low morale, all of which hurts our schools, our students and our state. The new WRAL Documentary “Grading Teacher Pay” examines this important social and economic issue from all sides. The documentary, hosted […]

The Lucky Penny

Wilbur Brann

When someone is in need of a bit of luck, the path to good fortune is thought to be found in a rabbit’s foot, or a four leaf clover, or rubbing the head of a person with red hair, or fill in the blank with your favorite charm. Ask a television engineer or executive what […]

Tales of the Turf


The latest from “Note to Self,” the blog of Capitol Sports Vice President George Habel We are only seven homes games into the 2016 season, but Goodmon Field is in for industrial strength lawn care this week. Now that Duke calls the DBAP its home field, there have already been 40 “turf events” here dating […]