First Ever Internet Live Stream Game for CBC New Media’s HighSchoolOT

HSOT live stream

CBC New Media’s HighSchoolOT brand has been covering prep sports exhaustively for years. It was the first Triangle area media outlet with a website and app dedicated to high school sports, and HSOT has produced more prep video content than any other media outlet in the state. On Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, HSOT expanded its […]

Fan Fest to Kick Off 2016 Durham Bulls Season

Bulls 2016 Fan Fest

Batting Practice, On-Field Games Highlight Opening Day of Ticket Sales With Durham Bulls Opening Day 49 days away, the team’s annual Fan Fest will kick off the 2016 campaign at Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. The event serves as the […]

NBC News Anchor Lester Holt Trivia Questions

Lester Holt

We enjoyed meeting NBC News anchor Lester Holt last week. Learn some more facts about him. Lester Holt co-anchored the evening news at WBBM in Chicago with a former WRAL news anchor? Name that person. a) Bobbie Battista b) Adele Arakawa c) Sandra Bookman d) Shelly Kofler 2. Lester Holt enjoys playing a musical instrument. […]

More on the WRAL Peacock

WRAL Creative Team

We recently shared scoop and photos about the creation of the peacock promos to advertise WRAL-TV’s conversion to NBC.  Today we’d like to share even more about the fun WRAL’s Creative Team had putting the peacock pieces together. WRAL-TV Creative Director Shelly Leslie wrote all about the adventure in her recent blog post.  Check it […]

Memorial Dedication for WRAL Radio and Triangle Legend Raymond “Dr. Jocko” Henderson

Raymond "Dr. Jocko" Henderson Memorial Dedication

Although he retired from WRAL-TV last fall, Clarence Williams is still sharing CBC stories from the community.  Williams recently wrote this piece to remember a WRAL Radio legend, Raymond “Dr. Jocko” Henderson and his mentor, J.D. Lewis:  The beautiful serene section located on the northeast sector of Oakwood Cemetery is being respectfully referred to as […]

Farm Bureau Honors Santiago and Gooch for WRAL Doc “Inside Cuba”

Leyla Santiago & Zac Gooch

WRAL Anchor/Reporter Leyla Santiago and WRAL Photojournalist Zac Gooch received an award following their hard work on the documentary, “Inside Cuba.” The North Carolina Farm Bureau presented them with the organization’s Communications Award for 2015. The award is given each year to members of the media who exhibit fair and balanced coverage and outstanding insight […]

NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt Pays Visit to WRAL Newsroom

Debra Morgan, David Crabtree & Lester Holt

On Friday, February 12, 2016, NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt paid a visit to the WRAL-TV studios to meet staffers and shoot promos for the upcoming transition at the Big 5.  WRAL-TV will become an NBC affiliate on February 29, and Holt wanted to meet the folks behind the top local news operation in […]

A Super Week to Remember

Cam Newton & Peyton Manning

By WRAL-TV Sports Anchor Jeff Gravley I had a hard time sleeping last night, awakened by dream after dream. The continuous flow of dreams was all about the Super Bowl and my experiences last week. Let’s start with game day. If you enjoy offensive shootouts, Super Bowl 50 was not for you. I’m an offensive […]

NBC History Trivia Questions

Dave Garroway

The more we delve into the history of NBC, the more we discover how innovative the network has been in technology, programming, sports and news. It appears that NBC and WRAL have similar DNA.  See how much you know about our new network partner. “Meet the Press” premiered on November 6, 1947. It is the […]

I’ll Take Mr. Peacock in the Newsroom with the TV Camera

The WRAL peacock

When WRAL-TV made the announcement we would become an NBC-affiliate on February 29th, the WRAL Creative Team knew they had a job to do. The team immediately got to work on promotions to help inform viewers of the change and exactly what that change will mean.  In just under 7 days, the WRAL-TV Creative Team […]