NAACP Honors WRAL-TV and Retiree J.D. Lewis

NAACP Honors WRAL-TV and Retiree J.D. Lewis

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) presented WRAL-TV5 with the Television Station of the Year Award and WRAL-TV retiree JD Lewis with the Humanitarian of the Year Award. The Awards were given by the Raleigh/Apex Branch of the NAACP during their annual Freedom Fund Banquet held on April 15, 2000.

WRAL-TV5 was selected as this year’s recipient for their series on race relations “Facing Race,” which included four locally-produced programs and a public service campaign that revealed deep racial stereotypes that are still alive today and encouraged viewers to first talk about, and then appreciate, racial differences. Jim Griffin, station manager for WRAL-TV5, accepted the award on behalf of the television station.

JD Lewis wore many hats while working at Capitol Broadcasting Company. He joined CBC in 1948 as a radio personality on WRAL-FM. He hosted Teenage Frolics in his early days at WRAL-TV, and, in his later years, was a WRAL-TV editorialist. During his many years of service, Lewis worked on many boards of organizations that served the African American community.

J.D. Lewis (front) accepts his award from Reverend Henry B. Pickett (back.)

Renee McCoy, WRAL-TV5 News Anchor, served as the Mistress of Ceremony.

J.D. Lewis greets a fan and

J.D. Lewis sits across from Representative Bob Ethridge.

Jim Griffin, WRAL-TV5, dines with his wife Bernice.

The audience filled the auditorium of the Southeast Raleigh High School where the banquet was held.

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